About Us

Our Goals:

Midwest’s mission is to provide customers with knowledgeable, cost efficient, prompt refrigeration service and to remain a dominant, profitable company in the refrigeration industry. Also we want to be responsive to the needs of our customers, energetic in problem resolution, to be current with industry changes and conduct business with the sense of urgency our industry requires. It is also the mission of Midwest to provide its employees with the income and benefits necessary to provide a quality life for themselves and their families

Our Policy:

To maintain pride, professionalism and integrity in our work habits and business operations.

To conduct our sales, service and installation practices in compliance with all regulations with genuine concern for our customers needs and wants as they occur.

To respond as quickly to our customers needs and wants as they occur.

To continually improve our technical capabilities by providing ongoing training to our employees.


Hugo’s Supermarkets:

Midwest Refrigeration has been our commercial refrigeration partner for many years. We have developed a solid relationship using Midwest for all of our Hugo’s Supermarkets in this area. Midwest and its people have proven to be reliable, knowledgeable, consistent and very professional in their business dealings with us.

We opened our new store in East Grand Forks in August of 1998. Our store is about 80,000 square feet. Midwest worked extremely hard to complete the project on schedule. Site preparation, including thawing the ground, put us about a month behind schedule. Midwest worked tirelessly to allow us to open on schedule.

Mark and Terry have always given us good guidance as we have designed, remodeled or upgraded our stores and our refrigeration equipment. They have done well in hiring and retaining a very excellent group of employees.

We highly recommend them for any size refrigeration projects you may have. We look forward to working together with them for many years to come.

Jeff Westrem
Hugo’s Supermarkets

Wally’s Supermarkets:

Wally’s Supermarkets and Midwest Refrigeration go back some twenty-five plus years. They have done virtually all our refrigeration work in our three supermarkets. We have used them for new installations, conversions, repairs and preventative maintenance with total satisfaction. A few things stand out in my mind about Midwest Refrigeration. They are a big enough company to meet all our refrigeration needs but yet small enough to give us good personal service. They are very easy to get a hold of in case of an emergency and always have a qualified person on call. At a time when Wally’s had a dispute with a major refrigeration manufacture of display cases, Midwest Refrigeration was very instrumental in resolving the problem in our favor. I would personally recommend Midwest Refrigeration to anybody no matter how large or small the job may be.

Timothy R. DeSautel
Wally’s Inc.

Valley Dairy Stores:

We have trusted Midwest Refrigeration for many years for our refrigeration needs. They have provided service for new installations as well as repairs to existing equipment.

It is important in our business to know that our refrigeration repair problems can be resolved quickly, whatever day of the week or time of the day that these problems occur. Midwest Refrigeration has provided fast and reliable service.

We have been happy with past service from Midwest Refrigeration and hope to continue this relationship for years to come. You can’t go wrong with Midwest Refrigeration.

Monica Musich, President
Kathy Cumming, Vice President
VALDAK Corporation
(Valley Dairy Stores)

Holiday Companies:

Midwest Refrigeration of Grand Forks is committed to excellence. The management and staff provide communication and service second to none. They offer thorough bi-annual preventative maintenance and follow up whenever an inadequacy is detected. They have a high integrity level and demand satisfaction and are competitive in pricing. Midwest Refrigeration has my vote of confidence.

Holiday Companies GF/EGF